Friday, November 18, 2016

Top 5 winter beauty essentials

The cold fall and winter months wreck havoc on my skin. The cold wind dries out the skin causing it to chap or ash. I keep my skin polished by drinking plenty of water and making sure I scrub and mask my face, once a week or every other week. I exfoliate my body with a vegan Loofah and body scrub. exfoliating the dry dead skin. Also helps keep you from being ashy and dry.

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Body Essential:

It is imperative to moisturize in the winter and especially after exfoliating, because you just took a layer off your skin. My must have moisturizer year round is unrefined, cold pressed Organic Coconut Oil! Coconut oil is an excellent year round moisturizer for Fall and winter I also add a layer of Shea butter to seal in moisture. 

Daytime Skincare Essential: 

Lancome' Absolue Premium Bx is an excellent day moisturizer. It absorbs fast and leaves my skin with a healthy moisturizing glow! It also has SPF of 15 . Just because it's cold out doesn't mean the to forego sunscreen. The sun still shines in the cold.  

Night time winter skin treatment:

Nerium Age- Defying Night cream. Ok, I am completely in love with this stuff. This Nerium night cream instantly makes my skin healthy looks dewy and smooth. it's thick and plant derived so, you have to add water or make sure your hands or face is wet when applying. This makes me not want to wash my face the next day.  Must have for sure!  This must be ordered from a direct sales rep. You may contact Carolyn Tankersley  

note: I received this product courtesy for testing and honest review. 

Makeup must have: 

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish foundation and brush. This  medium to full coverage stick is an must have beauty staple. I place this over my matte No.7 primer or my Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser for a flawless skin look! 

note: received courtesy of to test and review

Neat feet:

I don't know about you but, I hate my feet being a mess in the winter. Yet I don't really want to go to the salon and risk smeared polish or getting sick.  Because it's hard to not have smeared polish due to covered shoes and boots in the fall/winter. I recommend doing a home mani and pedi. 

What are your fall/winter essentials?